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Wesleyan Christian School

Wesleyan Christian School (WCS) is a local private Christian school that is teaching the next generantion while growing their faith. Want to support a local Christian school or show off your school spirit? You can do both by clicking the button below in buying a WCS shirt.

WCS Products


Olivia Richardson Fundraiser

Young 14-year-old Olivia Richardson went to Heaven too soon as she died by a lightening strike. This fundraiser to keep Olivia's memories alive and to support On The Rock Ministry, which is a children ministry youth group. All shirt sales go directly to On The Rock in helping them to continue in give kids a fun and safe place to learn about Jesus. If you would like to support this fundraiser, click on the button below to go buy a Liv shirt in supporting On The Rock.

Liv Fundraiser


CC Homeschool

CC Homeschool is a homeschooling organization that helps parents teach their kids at home both educational and about God. You can help support CC homeschooling clicking the button below and purchasing one of our CC shirts.

CC Shirts

Want Something More Custom

Don't see what your are looking for? We can custom shirts to your liking whether that be for an event, a gift for someone you care for or swag for yourself. Click on the Button below to contact us to start making your own custom t-shirt.